Welcome to Swesound

Swesound is a location sound company specializing in sounds for Film, TV, Video and Multimedia productions. We’re based in Stockholm but ready for travel around the country and the world.

With our own equipment and lot’s of hands on experience with it, we use Sound Devices time-code enabled digital recording equipment to keep your workflow simple in the field.

We bring your story to life in a way that’s difficult and expensive to duplicate in the studio.

“Recording great location sound requires solid audio skills coupled with the ability to respond quickly and intelligently to changing circumstances.”


Rycote Windshield
Pro system for isolation from wind and handling noise.

WIFI Master
A timecode and genlock generator, RF transceiver with WIFI.

Sennheiser KMH 50
Professional microphone designed for spot capturing.

Sounddevices 788T-SSD DigitalRecorder designed for production sound.

K-Tek Boom Pole
Made by Pros for Pros.

Sounddevices 664
Portable audio mixer and recorder.

Sennheiser MKH-416
Is one of the most reputed names in the microphones

It has become the standard in feature film&tv

Sounddevices 302

Small, Powerful Audio Mixer for ENG

Ultra compact timecode, genlock and word clock generator.RF transceiver

Neumann KM 184
Is a standard in all professional recording studios.


DPA 4061
For use with wireless systems in film&television


Lectrosonics SMDB Dual Battery -Belt Pack Transmitter

Lectrosonics SRb
Receiver offers two independent channels

High performance microphone windshields & suspensions

Tentacle Sync
Time code box

Sennheiser KMH-60
Will record what you point it at.

Sennheiser EK-300
IFB wireless system

Lectrosonics HM Plug-on Transmitter
its usefulness in high-end applications

Used by professionals in the most demanding markets

OrcaBag OR-14

The OR-48 is the first accessories bag that can be transformed into a soundcart.

SRc Digital Hybrid Wireless® dual reciver over 3 blocks

Lectrosonics SSM Digital Hybrid Wireless Miniature Transmitter.

Is a compact, six-input mixer with integrated 10-track recorder

Professional 4 input, portable audio mixer designed for mixing audio in ENG/EFP